What if Wonderland

September 6, 2009
What if Alice
Hadn’t met the White Rabbit at all?
Would that mean Alice
Wouldn’t have taken such a very bad fall?

What if the White Rabbit
Hadn’t been late?
Would that mean
He didn’t miss his very important date?

What if the Cheshire Cat
Hadn’t been with the Queen of Hearts?
Would that mean Alice
Wouldn’t have kept all her parts?

What if the March Hare
Hadn’t been so crazy?
Would that mean the memory of Wonderland
Wouldn’t be so hazy?

What if Alice’s sister
Hadn’t woken her up?
Would that mean the Mouse
Would still be in the cup?

What if the Caterpillar
Hadn’t told Alice to grow?
Would that mean Wonderland
Wouldn’t be something we know?

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