Once Upon a Lovely Summer Night

September 5, 2009
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My converse are put on in a rush.
Careful to be quiet, the house is in a hush.
It's 2 am so everyone is sleeping,
They have no idea that I'm leaving.
My feet hit the pavement evenly as I run.
The weight on my feet seems to weigh a ton.
Slowing to a walk, I stop and think.
My plan seemed so much better in ink.
My destination is the tree at the park.
That's where we first kissed, leaning against the bark.
Arriving at the tree, I breath deeply and wait.
Suddenly someone grabs me. I scream. He laughs. I took the bait.
Slowly, his arms creep around my waist,
To him, there's no such thing as haste.
I take this time to admire him,
even though the moonlight is dim.
It's all too painfully true that in this story of love,
I am the pigeon and he is the dove.
His dark hair and green eyes make him irresistible,
While his lips and chiseled cheeks make him kissable.
After running his fingers along my shoulders and neck,
He finally reaches my lips and gives me a peck.
Sitting on the ground, against the tree
I realize that with him...I feel like...me.
We talk about our week apart.
I listen intently as you speak; you have my heart.
With a long kiss I interrupt you.
I honestly wish you were paper and I was glue.
When it's time for goodbye,
I let out a long sigh.
We fell in love under the moonlight,
Once upon a lovely summer night.

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