Summer Night #32 MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown


he told me he loved me,

that he wished he could spend

the rest of his life

watching my:

hysterical laughter,

calm smiles,

solemn expression,

and my downfalls.

he said i was beautiful

that when i smiled the earth moved,

that when i cried the gods sighed,

that when i laughed the sun shone,

that when i broke down i defined sincerity.

he swore he had never met anyone like me

someone who felt so deeply,

embraced life and death with such fury,

and had the world tagging unto her heels.

he said i was spectacular

as he looked into my eyes,

as we sat by the water,

and wished on every star

that dared cross our path.

he said he had never felt that way before,

and could never feel that way again.

so, my question is,

why hasn't he called?

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