Quietus MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   If I should die before we speak again, I ask of you now,

please, do not lay me to rest in a casket, sealed tight and hidden in the ground;




for I have lived in this way all my life.

Living, if one can call it that, in a box, jammed in so with all my emotions that

when I screamed no one could hear.

I am afraid of this darkness; this torrent of scarlet rain.

Though I have suffered long throughout my life ... I do not desire your pity ...

only understanding

so now, knowing what i know, would you still condemn me to the anguish i have

so long endured?

Condemn me to another existence of claustrophobic loneliness?

Should you answer this "no" then my request is for liberation.

I ask of you now, as soon it will be too late, to simply lay my body upon a bed of

wood and push me out into the benevolent, rolling sea

there I shall drift awhile, calm and peaceful,

with the shining sky above,

and such a great expanse of liquid gold beneath.

then, as I lie there, gently hold against me, a small flame ...

and now, step away.

stand by the great oak, beneath its protective canopy.

and observe my cage rise up in a glorious silver light, lucid in the night, glowing

as the flutter of my soul is

redeemed, released from its burden.

Out across the water shall I fly, unconstrained

amid the clouds,

below the deepest water

challenging the sun's glory

I shall be liberated

I shall be an incandescent spirit rising out of the darkness

then shall I be beautiful ...

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