10 Ways to Look at Black and White

September 3, 2009
Light and dark opposites
Colorless and classic
White and black
Black and white
Her hair flows past her face, the color of the night
Her skin is fare, just like the hair of the woman to her right
The night is young
The white is not
A tear rolled down her cheek
She looked down at her hands
Because of pigment, she was forced to enter from the back
It was a new kind of art
He looked down at the buttons
When pressed, a sound escaped-
So sweet, like a lark
Her hair was colored light and dark
Her coat was made of fur
She came to kill us, please herself with more coats for her back
So majestic—watch them run
Their backs are lined with jagged stripes
My mind is spinning as they sprint
So quickly past our safari car
I flip over the cover, revealing a new world
I’m lost in this new galaxy
I listen as my mother calls
And now it’s just a messy contrast of light and dark
Without even making a sound,
They follow you around
Fierce at times, yet sweet at others
There’s a contrast you don’t normally notice or see
But they see you

A little glow so soft
Can save you from the fear of night
But even a small breath
Can put it out, and leave you alone
As a guide to a beautiful noise,
These pages are covered in special figures,
But to understand,
You must learn the special language

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