Dear Kelliner

September 3, 2009
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Dear Kelliner

Take my hand, and fly with me. To places unknown, and places kept fondly in the deepest caverns of the human heart.

Take my hand, and jump with me. Beyond fear’s grasp, onto the dreams of which can only be imagined. Fall through the imaginary wall to which we all so fear, and breathe in the awe of discovery and wonder.

Lie in my arms, and float into the ocean. The endless abyss to which wonders we’ve yet to see. A weightless wonderland of freedom without domain.

Lie in my arms, and see. See the real beauties this world has to offer. See the structures carved of the wonder that is man and imagination. See the sky, as millions of worlds dawn down upon us, upon you.

Fall into my eyes, so that I may live assured that no other can drop you. Take my hand, so knowledge holds that it will not be let go. Lie in my arms, so that love assures an endless safety, comfort, and bliss.

Have me in your heart, so that I may know that no other can harm such a sun among the dulled stars. So that I may allow you understanding of this diamond’s true worth.

Have me in your heart so I may assure no sleepless nights, or heavy hearts. But rather the nights passed in my embrace, and in assurance of my heart in exchange for yours.

There is no fear in my arms, rather a gentle kiss through passing nights, leaving time to stay outside.

Have me, for this night.

Have me, this kiss.

Have me, for the better.

Have me, in bliss.

Have me, forever…

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