Together, not

September 3, 2009
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As Bizarre as it may sound, I tried to sleep with my eyes open to the hope that we will be what we were before the time of now. now that there is no us. I am you and you are me. Without you there is no me, like without the water there is no sea. Love, full of hope, for the day I will once more call you you mine. how cant you see that friends is what we can never be as long as I am in love with you? I look to the sky for the answers that I question. The Burns in my heart will not heal until there is you and me-even if that means as friends! Saying you don't love me is like squeezing the blood from my heart and just watching it pour in to the street, let me take my seat before I go insane. my brain can't think the way it did before-us. I let you walk over me as if I am small I am not! I need to gain the strength to move forward into a time of loneliness without you my love there is no me, cant you see? I love you-are my everything, my king. Hopeful to the day that the bells will ring uniting us as one...

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