September 2, 2009
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Your eyes sparkle
In the luminescent lanterns of the night
The pools of the velvet blue sky
Force me to clench your soft
Hand tight
The night sea of stars engulfs us
As we fly through the clouds
I pop the question
And see that her head nods
Happiness fills our hearts
Then we realize
That us falling
Takes away the butterflies
We rap our arms around each other as we
Plummet toward the water
Tears soak the air
From the knowing of the slaughter
Our lips tremble frozen
as we kiss
We know the one thing
We’ll miss
Closer the water gets
To us
Gazing into each other’s eyes
We knew that we must
Be given a chance
To love
Unlikely it seems
As we plunge as two
And with our last breath
We mouth the words I love you

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