Inside the Mirror, Under the Mask

September 1, 2009
By Anonymous

She laughs and she plays
She smiles all the time
With joy she parades
And never a whine

She’s happy, and funny
She jokes and she’s glad
And no matter what
She’s never mad

Her heart is overflowing
Her friends she loves
She’ll do anything
And anything she does

And on the outside
She seems fine
Nothing is wrong
But that’s a thin line

The little girl
With a heart so pure
Outside it’s great
Inside, she’s insecure

With a mask she walks
And with a lie
She talks
And it never breaks

Ask her what’s wrong
And ‘Nothing’ she replies
And as far as you know
She’s incapable of lies

Parents love her
But they can never help
Her pain inside
It grows and swells

Why is she so sad?
And why can’t they see?
Her friends, they say
Are the source of misery

Ugly, useless
Stupid, weird
Freak, gross
Her ‘friends’ are feared

What do they say
Behind her back?
What do they whisper
About what she lacks?

The girl, she knows
Knows they aren’t true
True friends, as if
She has no clue

It takes her over
It breaks her inside
Mind forever damaged
And still she hides

Hides behind the mask
No one can tell
The lines tell a story
Of when the mask fell

Home, her bags down
Upstairs, her room she cries
She lies on her bed
Drowned in lies

Desperate, she seeks
For something to ease her pain
So she gets her knife
And hurts herself again

The rows on her leg
Get blamed on the cat
The tree scratched her
Or the thorns in the back

And no one can tell
As she looks in the mirror
She puts back her mask
After wiping a tear

Her friends, they’d leave
Her parents, they’d worry
A secret she keeps
Though it hurts her

And what is so wrong?
She has friends, you say
But look in the mirror
The truth they say

And what her mask hides
What her mind divides
The mirror it shows
Her other side

Not the child, smiling and happy
The one who cries at night
About what they said
And she lies in bed

Because they’re right
She believes
Time after time
It’s all true to her now

And as she looks in the mirror
She sees what she hides
The part of her
Forever broken inside

And even today
The child glances at the mirror
Years have passed
Fourth grade is no more

But no matter what has happened
No matter how she’s changed
The scars forever remind her
Of the pain

And in the mirror she gazes
And she looks, no mask
She looks, sees years passed
Since that fateful day

That one fight
She fell over the edge
That friend is now gone
But the effects remained

The girl looking in the mirror
No longer a child today
But still in the mirror
The child’s broken gaze
Forever it stays

And she looks at herself
Her self from the past
And she realizes at last
I’m the one in the mirror
And I am free at last

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