Peaches in Wonderland

August 28, 2009

I suddenly felt as if i was falling
Malling the walls

Gasping for air
My hair in my eyes

I fell through the skies

I saw the clouds
The birds and the bees

And found my self,
On my knees

As i looked up
Everything was changed
The grass was purple
And the sun was grey

Or was it the moon?
I couldn’t tell
My senses were wacked
Especially my smell

The breeze around me was quite strange
The sweet smell of cookies
And someone calling my name?

“Peaches! Ohh Peaches! Come out come out where ever you are!”
I saw something blue coming from afar

“Who are you?” I asked
In an uncomfortable tone
“Well I'm the greeter in town!
Welcome to your new home! ”

As this little blue figure came into view
I was frightened by his eyes
And neck,
And feet too!

I began to run through the flowers
And trees

A river, I saw
It was up to my knees

The water looked cold
But felt very warm

Bubbles started popping
And all the silly fishies
Came in a swarm

They nibbled my toes
As butterflies kissed my nose

What is this place?
I thought in my head

It's quite wonderful
But for the little blue man,

Out of the corner of my eye
Something ran by

It rubbed against the bushes
Of the abnormally large sunflower
Well I suppose they were trees

I reached in and I seized the little perpetrator
Deep in the flowers and maple leaves

It was slimy and wet
Almost like a tongue
A sticky icky wet lathered tongue

I pulled it out fast
For i heard a scream
Like a volcano blast!


“Oh goodness Mr. Frog”
“He cut me off short- my name is Lockintog!”

The silly little Lockintog frog was wearing a top hat
and Swedish clogs

“Well now that i have you attention
May I mention
You must have a snack”
In a flash he announced

It began to drizzle...
I was instantly covered in white
And might i say
It was an awful sight

Blankets upon blankets
Like pillows

I suddenly became quite drowsy
I briefly closed my eyes
And all i saw were fireflies

I then dozed off.

I looked up
And found myself under marshy-goo

I stood up strait and rubbed my eyes
The world was just in a disguise

As if i was in a book
I took a look

And i found my room
My clothes
And those i love most

I suppose it was just a dream
A fantasy it would seem

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