A look inside of me

August 28, 2009
By *Megan* BRONZE, Jackson, Kentucky
*Megan* BRONZE, Jackson, Kentucky
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Look Into my eyes.
Tell me what you see.
I wont be surprised.
If you say you don't see me.

See I tried to make a change.
But I must confess.
That when I tried to re-arrange.
I only made a mess.

So look into my heart.
Tell me what is there.
Is it falling apart.
And do you have a spare.

See I tried to bring a smile.
But seemed to bring a frown.
It seems it's been a while.
Since the frown's been back around.

So look inside my soul.
Tell me is it broken?
And if it is not whole.
That's why my thoughts are all unspoken.

See I wanted to do right.
Thought i was being strong.
But by each and every night.
I seem to come out wrong.

So look into my eyes.
What do you see exactly.
Is it truth or is it lies.
Can you see my destiny.

Look into my heart.
Tell me what it holds.
Can I keep it from falling apart.
Or will i unfold.

Look inside my soul.
Tell me if it's empty.
I know that I'm not whole.
But am i lost completely?

Look into my eyes...see my truth, see my lies.
Look into my heart...Is it crumbling apart?
Look inside my soul...and tell me is it whole?.
Take a look, what do you see.
Take a look inside of me.

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