Bridge of Happiness

August 28, 2009
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If i was to build a bridge of happiness.
Would you cross with me?.
Forget about all the sadness.
Looking forward to what we could see.
But if i walked a trail of tears.
Would you be behind.
Facing all our fears.
Trying to erase them from our mind.
If i walked a road of emptiness.
Would you hold my hand.
In my time of confusion.
Would you help me understand.
If i built a bridge to a smile.
Would you be there beside me.
Even if it took a while.
To get to everything we want to see.
If i walked a pathway of shame.
Would you be there too.
Would i be the blame.
Or would that blame be you?.
If i walked a street of Lonelyness.
Would you help me to see.
That theres no need for emptiness.
Would you be my company?
If i was walking a road of hope.
I wonder how far it would go.
Would life get to hard to cope.
Or would i keep trveling the road?
If i built a bridge to happiness.
Would i reach the other side, or would i unfold.
And would it lead me out of this emptiness.
Or would it lead me back to nowhere road.

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