Everything in Plastic Bags

August 27, 2009
By IAteTheApple SILVER, Great Neck, New York
IAteTheApple SILVER, Great Neck, New York
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Everything in plastic bags
Taped and sealed
with little tags
A fruit, a cake,
A bread, or two,
Chicken, rice,
A shoe that’s blue,
The little parts
From projects past,
Chips and pieces
Of shattered glass.
Leftovers left
For meals to come,
Model airplanes
Never done.
Preserved beside
The big and small,
Oh, why not,
Let’s bag them all!
A frame, a book,
A phone, a key,
The goldfish bowl,
The sink, a tree,
The fish himself,
Ooh! Please, bag me!
A spoon, a fork,
And frozen food,
What the heck,
The freezer, too!
A package of
Some brand-new tags,
They don’t make ‘em big enough,
These plastic bags!
We’ll bag the dog,
We’ll bag the car,
We’ll seal them up
So they can’t go far,
So nothing touches,
So nothing grows,
So nothing moves,
So no one knows
Who, or why,
Or when, or where,
We bagged it all
With such great care
And stored it safely
Over there
To save it from
Fear, despair,
And all that stuff
The un-bagged share.
But while we admire
Our bagg-ed things
The cry for freedom
Grows and rings,
And dies amongst
The plastic bags
Happiness, too,
Shrinks and sags,
And suffocates where
It was supposed to live,
Beside our everything,
From pet, to fridge.

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