Follow the Tracks

September 9, 2009
By motionofcolors GOLD, Colorado Springs, Colorado
motionofcolors GOLD, Colorado Springs, Colorado
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Follow the sun to where my heart lies.
Follow in my footsteps and never say good bye.
Dance in the rain till you fall asleep,
and with you, I will count sheep.

Count up all your smiles that are mine
and take them all to the fine line.
We'll dream together and swim in the sea
cause it will always be just you and me.

When you hit the clouds and come back down,
bring the laugh that will turn my frown.
Take your shoes off and walk in the sand.
We'll walk together; you holding my hand.

When you find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow,
think of me, and you will know,
that the colors of the rainbow are the colors of my heart
and darling, I don't want to be apart.

Color the sky a light blush pink,
and I'll stop my world to think.
You'll follow me home as we dance alone.
I'll sing in the stars when I am on my own.

Follow the tracks I have made.
Follow my heart that can never trade.
You'll be the king to my queen,
and I'll be the pink to your green.

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