Dance Under the Trees

September 9, 2009
By motionofcolors GOLD, Colorado Springs, Colorado
motionofcolors GOLD, Colorado Springs, Colorado
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Do you see the flowers beneath my feet?
Do you see me dancing down the street?
Can you feel my heart smile as it beats?
Can you always put my smile on repeat?

You can come dance along side me.
we will dance around the trees
and aviod getting stung by bees.
I think you would totally agree.

We can just spin for hours on our own.
For happiness is all I have ever known,
and I would die if you left me alone
cause then my heart would need to be sown.

We can sit in the shade when we grow sleepy.
You can curl up in a ball and fall asleep beside me.
I would look up at the sun shining and agree
that no matter what all I want is you to be happy.

When the day turns into a dark starry night,
I will smile and know it will all be alright.
With you, I would dance in the star's light,
and we would make the night shine bright.

We'll awake in the middle of the park
after falling asleep in the dark.
We'll awake to a small dog's bark,
and in your heart, I made a mark.

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