Motions of Colors

September 9, 2009
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I fell off the ledge and stepped off life's edge and woke up in screams.
Crashed and burned in the land of broken promises and shattered dreams.
My rocket burst into a million small hot flames of emotions on me.
My body blow up and gave into all the millions of stresses you can't see.

I mingled with the wrong crowd and lit the match under my butt.
Stopped the peace in my life to add to the strife and my cut.
Roaming the earth on my own and trying to find who will come along.
My mind can't take the rumors they make casue they are all wrong.

Emotions tripped my actions and trapped my self-esteem.
Tricked me into believing your wild cry and give up my dream.
Motions of colors and pain and millions of drops of crying rain.
Actions speak no more to me cause I believe your words to gain.

Slashed life's hope and killed my soul as I spun right out of control.
Held me high above just so I could could die in life's hole.
I no longer have my control, and my life is gone from this body.
Just let the blind see, and the deaf hear my cry, and let me be.

I became a glass to be shattered when you put my heart on a platter.
Stole my life away just to give it all away on the emotional latter.
Takes dreams and hopes to live life, and I have none of those anymore.
My heart can only take being so far apart and can no longer open it's door.

Following the cords to my death bed on the couch and my life on the street.
Follow your dreams and eat upon all of life's wild crazy unheard treats.
Rain of rainbows will come down one day to save my life and fill my body.
Colors of blood and thoughts will flow through me and set me free.

Fake smiles to live my life for that lead to me never asking for more.
Can't take the burning and yearning of my death like I have before.
Hold your body low to the ground and feel the emotional pound.
nothing more will save you from the cliff that you hang from on the ground.

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