September 9, 2009
By Anonymous

My dreams have fallen through the crack in the floor.
My hope has crumbled into a million little pieces like before.
My heart is slashed and bleeding out tons of neon colors.
My mind starts to move again like revolving doors.

My blood is a bright rainbow of mess.
My thoughts are my biggest weakness.
My wrists are my brightest rainbow.
My doubts bring me to my low.

Your pain is all mine to gain.
Your loss is my rainbow to drain.
Your hopes stay strong
cause I back off even when you're wrong.

Your heart is lost in a sea.
Your love is mine to plea.
Your words can kill me.
Your thoughts are mine to blame.

My thoughts will stop the flow.
My body will just let it all go.
My sounds will go silent.
My eyes didn't say what they meant.

My heart, your soul.
My mind, your control.
My pain, your gain.
My death, your life.

Rainbows of blood flow through me.
Rainbows of pain that set me free.
Rainbows of broken promises I made.
Rainbows of feelings I can't trade.

Colors of my heart start to go all black.
My heart is headed back to a set back.
Floors of tears with emotion spinning.
Door shuting and hearts pinning.

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