Twilight To Starlight MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   The clear, cold air of the early twilight drifts from the dark blue,

Deep, wrinkled ocean to her cottage

Down the pebbled, rumbling road and stings

Her as she steps onto the old, splintered, creaking white porch

The blazing yellow rooster of the sky peers cautiously over

The blade-sharp horizon; she wonders if he, too,

Is anxious about the day

She exits the steam-filled bathroom and feels her hair,

Once soaked with hot water, turn as cold as the Arctic

As the water drips off the soft fuzziness of her robe, she marvels

At its immortality

As she lies on the beach she feels the hot sand under her feet

The sun pulsates a scattered array of thoughts through her

Toasting body as intense and deep as the colors

Rushing by behind her tightly-shut eyelids

Her spirit is as tranquil as the icy waters which

Surround her, pulling her in to the addiction of their flooded world

She is entirely enveloped and a surge of cold confronts her sharp blue eyes

She retrieves a calmly floating starfish and examines it closely, thinking it must

Feel as helpless in her hand as she does in the vast ocean

A ray of noonday sun outstretches through the window

To cover an unopened package lying on the kitchen table

Quick footsteps are heard and a feeling of panic diverts her movements

Away from the package; its contents are to forever remain a secret

The sparkle of her diamonds catch the attention of one fleeting thought as

She stares down at the photograph; it is just a fragment of the many memories dancing

In her mind to the same music she heard that night

The dying light casts a shadow across her face,

A concert of harsh words perceived

Wrap a blackness around her desolate soul

As the wind conducts a symphony of leaves and petals and sand

And the air outside begins to chill

A sudden spark of warmth appears as she spots her only love approaching;

Her heart explodes like a firecracker on the Fourth of July and love pours in

She gazes down at his hand in hers; she feels his passion and

Adulation for her channel through his long fingers

The paths running across their palms lead to each other

And tell the stories of many a love and many a life

The stars are innumerable through

Her thick, black, mascara-coated lashes

An incandescent moon is seen

In the dark blue silk of her dress

The flecks of color in her eyes as she stares up

At the frosty sky seem like tiny universes

The darkness is filled with the gentle crash of the waves and

The revolving illumination from the lighthouse

Every rush of coolness over her feet brings a deeper sense of serenity

She pulls the blanket of black and white cotton over her

It is accompanied by comfort and warmth

And as she exhales the golden glow of the candle

Disappears and the thickness of the blanket

Of the night sky, too, covers her

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ANAI 101 said...
on Jan. 19 2011 at 2:39 pm
i loved your story it was like so interesting i couldnt believe my eyes. i really loved your story it was so cool


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