Almost Alive MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   Drop Drop

Hear it plummeting softly

(almost silently)

Washing the world cleaning it

Taking away its dingy film wiping clean the picture window

(almost immaculate)

Hear it rushing it breathes

Inhales and exhales drawing in its initial and final

(almost heavily)

Hear it whisper through the

Instruments of time time is of the essence

Catching slowly onto the beat

Of life of loneliness and completeness

(almost in tune)

Feel it reverberate from every bone

Soiled and clean moving in a sea

Of feeling massaging

(almost pleasurable)

See its bright hues glaring

Against the gray eternal dismal

Of sanity and normality of utter boredom

See its fantastical reality

Its peace its chaos its end and birth

(almost alive)

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