Revenge Of The Turkeys MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   Every November we tremble in fear

'Cause we know that Thanksgiving soon will be here.

We spend time with our families as the big day draws near,

And hope it's not me who'll be slaughtered this year.

Last year it was Hester, before that, cousin Lou,

And Thelma, and Robert, and Great-Grandma Sue.

What a stupid tradition these humans do follow!

The meat of a turkey they sure like to swallow.

I'II no longer take it, it's time to fight back!

How would they like to be cooked on a rack?

We'd chop off their heads, their fingers, and toes.

We'd eat them with stuffing and mashed potatoes,

And carrots, and gravy, it would all be great fun.

We'd feast on those humans until we were done!

I can't leave it like this; I need a great scheme,

Or else my ideas will stay just a dream.

On the eve of Thanksgiving, farmers come to our pen,

Ready to kill turkey women and men.

They come with their hatchets, all ready to chop,

But this year we'll be waiting, and on them we'll drop!

Yes, that's what we'll do, so humans beware.

When you come to kill turkeys, you're in for a scare.

Do take us seriously; you don't know our worth;

The turkeys might even take over the earth!

Put away forks and knives, 'cause you surely won't need 'em;

Hail all the turkeys, and hail turkey freedom!

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