A Bloody Death

September 7, 2009
As the blood runs down my back
I fall to my knees
Trying to see
What has now happened
I try to stop the bleeding
But its too far to reach
Its become too late
My time has come
How can i be so dumb
I turn around slowly in pain
But i just seen something insaine
Someone who supposed to be my friend
Holds the knife that was plunged
Into my back
Understanding what just happened is what i lack
Things get blurry as i fall to my back
The blood drips from the knife
To the ground
She stares at me without making a sound
The pieces of my heart can't be found
My life is what she takes
Can't believe she can be so fake
As my tear falls from the right eye
I lay in my puddle of blood and die
Slowly and painfully
The cause of death is
being stabbed in the back

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