Thoughts of a MS victim

September 7, 2009
By Anonymous

Taking it in
I just can’t
Skip a day

If I do
More will come
And that would get
My body numb

Having mood swings
Changes you
But taking depression pills
Is all that I can do

It can’t be cured
I can’t wish it away
All I can do is pray
And hope for a better day

Feeling the needle
Go in is painful
But what I have
I consider shameful

No feeling of my face
Puts me in a dark place
That no one can get me out
I wish to be normal
And be up and about

Every time I
Get a flare up
I cry and ask myself “why?”
“Why me, what did I do to not be free!”

I stop and think
Is God hearing my prayers?
Why is he letting me suffer?
And live in the devil’s layer

Not being normal
Is a punishment
And my punishment is not to feel
I guess God doesn’t want me
To feel any pain

But what good would that do
If I can’t live a normal life
I may look normal on the outside
But I’m a mess on the inside
The best thing to do
Is to stop whining
And take it in
In the end I won’t lose nor win

Just keep on living life
And do what I can do
Not let it bother me
Is all that I can do

The author's comments:
i was going through a bad moment when i found out i have MS

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