Weakness MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   you claw at my soul

until I can't take it anymore

until my bleeding ears go deaf with pain

until I become numb

in agony I wait

for someone to rescue me

but no one comes

I am alone

Hidden in this dark corner

from everyone but you

no matter where I run

you always seem to find me

I turn around you're always there

waiting for me in the darkness

I look in the mirror

and see your face

twisted into some sort of hideous smirk

laughing at me

for what I am

pitying me for what i'm not

someday i'll shatter that picture

i'll break the tie that binds me

to my own suffering

no longer will I be hurt

no longer will I drown

in a sea of my own terror

swallowed by the giant waves

that sweep me away

and eventually

my wounds will heal

but the scars will stay

always reminding me

of my own weakness

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