Magic MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   In the night,

in the dark,

beneath the dew damp oaks,

a spell is cast.

Magic appears.

Entranced beneath,

in the dark,

my seclusion ...


the alcove is bright -

alight with unearthly light

a bodiless echoing chant soon follows,

an accompaniment to invisible drums.

Magic in the air.

A breeze flows through the trees.

At first a trickle,

then growing thick -

a blanketing fog

but clear and still.

Magic abounds.

They appear as lighted points of light

and throb and condense into varied forms.

Then the beautiful ephemeral creatures return to light.

They sweep into a massive swirl of light

spinning and wrapping all around.


Their coursing brushes my face

and clings to my hair,

faster and faster.

In the thickness I gasp for breath,

but air will not come.

My chest compressed,

tightens further,

and my heart, beating loud

presses as if it were an unwilling animal

cages within my breast.


I panic, drowning -

in the very stuff that brings me life.

I am weighted,

pulled to the ground.

Death is near.

Then Magic.

I do not die.

I have become weightless once again.

Buoyed, so light that the turning vortex

snatches and whirls me round.


Round and round I spin

in ever smaller circles.

Helplessly I flounder

as I try to swim

in the thin, winding air.

I manage to escape but for a second

as below I see a body ...

my own, slumped upon the ground ...

This is not what I expected

of Magic.

Swept away in my pause,

back to the glowing, growing

center power of pulsing light.

I surrender

to Magic.

Spinning in and in,

no longer trying to escape.

I feel warm.

The lights dart out

and coalesce upon my body.

Wet and tingly,

dancing brightly,

I am cocooned and blessed

by Magic light.

In the center energy, moving

without pause, I feel so unafraid.

Yet, I think, what will become of me?

No reply is returned.


My mind races of the

possibility of the events that may occur,

and wonder if this is death.

And if it is death, is it the same for all.

Is this even really


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