The People

August 27, 2009
By EscapetheFate123 BRONZE, Deloraine, Other
EscapetheFate123 BRONZE, Deloraine, Other
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My head feels heavy
I walk through a desert calling for someone to help me, but no one comes
I search for water looking over hills
Thinking I catch a glance of some makes me move forward only to fall on my face
I try to get up but my bones are weak, my mouth dry and my feet blistery
I can’t make it, I think to myself
Every where I look I see faces laughing at me, children throwing things at me…

Suddenly I’m not in the dessert anymore Im in a car with a stranger
I ask him were we are going and he doesn’t answer, I ask again but he still doesn’t answer
I try to get out of the car but he locks it
I try to scream, but his hand covers I'm mouth…

Then I am in a swimming pool struggling to rise to the surface as arms pulls me down under the water not letting me get a breath before I go under
I gasp for breath but my mouth only fills with water
I choke and try to scream but already im losing strength
One more moment and then I take my final breath……….

I wake in bed gasping for air, fighting my blankets, as they cling to my sweaty body and clothes
I get up and get a drink from the kitchen it is then that I realize the meaning of my dream
The world is a nice enough place it’s the people that make it dangerous…

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