You'll never learn

August 27, 2009
By IttehBitteh GOLD, Pflugerville, Texas
IttehBitteh GOLD, Pflugerville, Texas
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wide awake at three a/m
and you slowely start to think of him
you close your eyes to block him out
but within every tear holds a doubt
you told yourself to give up on men
that you'd never dare to fall again
but here you are layin down
broken, bleeding on the ground
no one holds any blame but you
cause you were told what not to do
i guess its hard when they get you blind
and hide their tricks for no one to find
i just think you shouldve learned by now
after all these times they let you down
but just go ahead and let it all out
your tears will run dry without a doubt

The author's comments:
Normally when something is going on in my life and I have no one to talk to about it, poetry helps me get it out. It just pops in my head then i'll slowely piece it all together.

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