A Teardrop's Path

August 26, 2009
From the corners of gray eyes,
Glistening down soft skin.
Make it’s way down pale cheeks,
And slip into air at the tip of your chin.

Falling till it hits your arms,
Tightly hugging your shaking knees.
Deep breathing keeps your heart steady.
Blurry memories is all you see.

Quivering lips part,
Crying from the times of pain.
Heart beats steady,
Hold yourself to stay sane.

Go back to childhood,
When tears fell from the simple.
And now that you’re older,
Nothing at all seems simple.

Emotions spread through you,
Like a rain drop makes a ripple.
In the glassy water in which it falls,
Leaving perfection to cripple.

Just close your eyes,
And pray once more,
Tomorrow will be better.
Hearts only be so sore.

No one knows why,
Relief follows a good cry.
But sometimes to the bad,
You just have to wave goodbye.

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