If You Tell

August 26, 2009
By VICTORIA365 SILVER, Memphis, Tennessee
VICTORIA365 SILVER, Memphis, Tennessee
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The Coolest boy in school
everybody loves him
boys want to be with him
he dates the hottest girl and school
and leads the football team to victory
And still is un happy.

He starts to lose games
because of depression
coach puts him on steroids

he comes home
one night drunk from partying
only to find his brother with his
he kills his brother
and slaughters his girlfriend
his mother runs in the room screaming
before she could reach the phone it was too late
he tells his little sisters
"If you tell anybody, I'll do to you what I did to them."
His Lil sister runs off and locks her self into
her room
And cries her self to sleep.
She wakes up the next morning early
takes a knife from the kitchen
And offs him.

She washes up and goes to school
like nothing ever happens
until the decaying bodies start to stink
and the neighbor complains
the police come
and finds the bodies
all dressed up
with make-up on
and the little girl playing tea party
with them
they send the little girl to an
mental institutes

and every day she says
"If you tell I'll do to you, what I did to them"

The author's comments:
This is a first draft if you find any mistakes please coment the harsher it is the better

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