Pain & The Beauty

August 26, 2009
By Marco Barnes BRONZE, Richmond, Virginia
Marco Barnes BRONZE, Richmond, Virginia
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Feeling down today, drown away from yesterday's clutch
Only to be severed and cut, from the rest of the love
Early mornings had me stressed out because I couldn't take advantage
Whenever I tried to get planted my roots gave in from the damage
The sunlight couldn't reach me, steady trapped in the shade
Hopefully an actual phase but the foundation is collapsing away
Never learned some of the principles to help me through the physical
Mental, and spiritual blows I would take im still here, its a miracle
And thats the beauty of it all, they would shoot I didn't fall
Too gifted to stall....
I admit that everything I've been through just shatters my brain,
But you got to keep in mind how the beauty overshadows the pain.

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