August 26, 2009
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Everyday that goes by
I pretend that I'm just fine
But inside I'm tearing apart
Everything's a blur
What is wrong with me
Why do I feel this way
When I've got everything
I ever wanted
I have lots of friends
That care about me
So why do I feel
Like I don't want to go on
I wanna curl up into a ball
And never leave the house
'Cause everything I do
Always seems to turn out wrong
Why am I cursed
That I always feel this way
I get everything I want
And everything I need
Some say I've got the good life
If I've got the good life
Then why do I feel this way
Besides what does it really mean
To have the good life
Is it just because I'm popular
Or because I've got good money
But money doesn't mean a thing to me
It's just a piece of paper
But all I really want
Is to not feel this way anymore

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