Silently You Strangle Me

August 26, 2009
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Every step you walk away, you're tearing off my arms

Everytime you turn away, my fingers one by one

Everytime you laugh without me, backstab me, talk about me,
you're peeling off my skin, pulling out my teeth, ripping out my hair

Everytime you ignore me, you're sawing off my toes, chopping off my legs, so I'm dropping to
the ground, I can't move, only
lie here

Everytime you betray my trust, you're poking out my eyes

Everytime you lie, you're eating me inside, but I can't scream, I can't cry

And everytime you tell me that we're through, and I don't even know why or what to do,
you're clawing out my heart and prying out my lungs

Now I have nothing left of me, and nothing but the pain you've caused me to drown in, as I stay here and wait until I finally die

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