Defeat Or Accomplishment?

August 25, 2009
By Nih_Key23 BRONZE, East Jordan, Michigan
Nih_Key23 BRONZE, East Jordan, Michigan
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Questions fill my tiny brain
Making me almost psychotic
I wonder this and I wonder that
Alone, I await thier selfish attacks
Trying so hard to break me down
Mutilating the only love I believed in
I linger in thought searching for a defeat
Sorry sweeties, good guys always win
Just wait calmly for your defeat
I enjoy these types of games
People automatcially believe they win
Because they take away my only source of life
Thinking I should give in
Nah it just makes me laugh
My mad scientist coming out
While I create a way for them to know
I don't care anymore
I'm so ready to show you my evil side
Shy or not I can still look you in the eyes
&& kill your heart with one word

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