Ruin MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   follow me -

up a steep hill bordered with tallgrass and ticks;

and then follow me -

down a narrow path of stones and cracked bricks.

up to a place that's long been deserted -

with broken windows and rotted doors,

with tarnished arms of forgotten wars.

walk with me -

through dark hails infested with dust;

and walk with me -

up a spiral staircase with air thick must.

to a room that the moon has somberly lit -

to a room where many a night i'd sit.

listen to me -

tell my stories so old that they've died;

and listen to me -

ramble about my sorrows and why i cried.

feel the sadness in my kiss,

and feel the feeling i now miss.

i'll preach the history of this castle's dark halls.

i'll profile the people that once guarded its walls.

so look at me -

blankly, with a child's hollow stare;

and look at me -

quickly, while you twirl your finger-length hair.

i'll relay the words i heard that day in the town,

about the heartbreaking news that my home had burnt down.

the words i fear i'll never forget -

said on the day when fate and i tragically met.

"the Queen has nothing now -

her empires been destroyed.

a single flame -

has made a kingdom a void!"

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