America, Not Beautiful

August 24, 2009
America the beautiful.
It’ll never be the same.
Looking at pictures of the once so happy,
Because pictures are all that remain.
Sleeping in streets,
Smiles replaced with grief.
Tears rolling down your cheeks,
Streaming without relief.
The once so gorgeous horizons,
Now turned to dust.
America was once so beautiful,
What happened to us?
The homeless seeking shelter,
broken families trying to cope.
Everybody runs from reality.
What ever happened to hope?
Where is the dreamer,
Or the ones who even cared?
America the beautiful is falling apart,
Isn’t anybody scared?
We’re giving more to the rich,
And leaving the rest poor.
I thought we all loved our America,
But I’m not so sure anymore.
Poor mothers who lost their children,
Not able to handle the crying.
Millionaires making more and more,
Without even trying.
I used to have faith in our falling country,
But now we’ve fallen too far.
I’m so sick of asking for help,
I think we all are.
Everybody has all their own problems,
That they just somehow ignore.
But I don’t know how they can just miss
That America’s not so beautiful anymore.

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