never good enough

August 24, 2009
By Shay1903 BRONZE, Los Angeles, California
Shay1903 BRONZE, Los Angeles, California
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Never Good Enough

I know I’m not good enough/ for someone as amazing as you
But I hope you end up in a nice black suit/ saying to me “I do”
You’ve got this thing about you/ that’s gunna make me go insane
Every single word you whisper to me/ beautiful as a stain glass window pane
In the front of a wooden church/ on the first Sunday in May
Morning light shines through in brilliant hues/ to make everything okay
And while you say I deserve the best/ there’s no one better than you
That smile you’ve got lights up your face/ I can’t help but smile too
I could speak silently from across the world/ somehow you’d still hear
The power you have over me/ begins to secretly draw me near
My life is black and white to me/ but you’re the glimpse of color
Running through my dreams at night/ waiting to be discovered
I’ve got this list of high priorities/ that mark how I spend my precious time
You’ve made it to the tippy-top/ of this life that I call mine
Whichever direction I seem to face/ I know I’ll never be hopelessly lost
You’re somewhere standing next to me/ holding my hand and our paths cross
A strange connection that we share/ always lingers in this air
A thought comes to my mind/ and again I wish that you were there
I believe you have the power/ to kill the demons wrapped inside
This perfect little heart I’ve given/ to you, but I still hide
Because what I feel for you/ is more than in these quiet words
It scares me to fully let go/ and believe all that I’ve heard
But I’ll love you until my world is gone/ when all my worries have disappeared
Yet even when they lay me in the ground/ my love will still be near
Now I don’t know how to finish this/ a flawless ending would fit right in
However, you’ve taken all the perfectness/ and hid it in your beautiful grin
Sorry I can’t do you justice/ in 24 lines of silly conversation
How you make me feel/ can’t be captured in this composition
Maybe I’m not good enough/ for someone as perfect as you
But I hope I end up in a long white dress/ telling you “I do”

The author's comments:
For the girl who loves the boy but she doesn't think she's good enough. But in reality, you are good enough! Please remember that :)

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