Someone New

August 24, 2009
By XoLaUrEnOx7 GOLD, Mapleville, Rhode Island
XoLaUrEnOx7 GOLD, Mapleville, Rhode Island
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I need to get out of here
Everything's always the same.
The same people, the same routine,
and always the same old way

Wanna do something wild
Travel around the world.
Or even getting outta this town
would be enough for a while.

I need something to do in life,
Not just sitting around.
I want to do something with life
Before I get too old.

After college, I'm getting out.
Out of the same old town,
the same old life routine.
I wanna be someone new.

I'll re-create my identity,
maybe change my name.
But hopefully, I'm hoping,
Life will never be the same.

The author's comments:
i want this poem to be an inspiration to kids always stuck in the same spot

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