Don't MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   Don't run around the house,

don't pull the dog's ears,

don't pull the cat's tail,

don't put the cat in the toilet,

don't put the dog in the toilet,

don't scream,

don't shout,

don't beat your little sister up,

don't ever cut your own hair again,

don't wash the kitchen floor with furniture oil,

don't drive the tractor by yourself,

don't stand on the chair with a glass bottle,

don't come to the table with dirty hands,

don't talk to strangers,

don't kick the teacher,

don't beat up the little kids on the playground,

don't do anything,

don't be a little girl .........................

don't not do your homework,

don't get into cars with guys that you

don't know,

don't sneak out of the house.

don't drink vodka,

don't smoke,

don't drink,

don't get into trouble,

don't give up,

don't give me attitude,

don't talk on the phone too long,

don't be serious about guys,

don't have sex,

don't drive with people who are drunk,

don't do anything,

don't grow up.

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