A Moment In Time MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown


Warm caresses from the gentle breeze,

Beaming sun, happy to be alive.

Same as me, sixteen today.

Friends and family: happy and close.

A fresh cut grass and mossy scent from the creek close by roams the air.

Wrapping paper shred and strewn to behold little gifts,

Hugs and thanks pass quickly,

Just like that day.


The ground is ice laden with mud around the edges.

The freezing, bitter wind whips about, not caring for much at all.

Just like me, I'm too sad to care.

No one around, no one to see my tears.

Nothing to smell, my nose is frozen.

I found a bow among the weeds,

Once quite large, a vibrant fire-red color;

Now a withered docile pink.

Worn by weather and time,

Just like my friends and family.

Time stands still,

This moment lasts forever.

Unlike the one I long to live again,

The one I relive in my heart.

One where the warm caresses from the gentle breeze ...

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