The Subconscious Realm

August 30, 2009
By Amnah Rahman BRONZE, Mandeville, Louisiana
Amnah Rahman BRONZE, Mandeville, Louisiana
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Temples burning, Stomach churning,
Starving hunger yet for yearning,
Porters teething, starbursts seething,
Biting breaking back from breathing,
Manners grinding, blood oaths binding,
Potent items lost for finding,
Shiftless screening, stalwart gleaning,
Limbs entwined in mindless meaning,
Bluebirds calling, stinkbugs crawling
Diamonds endless sparkling, falling,
Sinless taking, spinsters baking,
Small boy takes a mark for making,
Sounders flying, liars dying,
Buyers flaking beggars buying,
Blinkers scurrying, Winehearts hurrying,
Fickle pickles always worrying,
Kinder slaving, smoother paving,
Souls that save for needing saving,
Anthills ringing, shoebox pinging,
Songs we knew by ever singing,
Hazel pouring, blanket goring,
Dandelion eyes imploring,
Stuttered stilting, pronouns wilting,
Foreign speech in beauty, lilting,
Floorboards bleeding, Spatial reading,
Paltry wit for lack of needing,
Dewdrops plinking, tired blinking,
Surmise that thoughts are ever thinking....

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