Inner Workings

August 30, 2009
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Words flow and end up on paper,
Birds fly and end up in new places,
Parents watch their children being born and the children end up watching thier parents die,
people die and end up in the ground,
hearts are broken and end up being rebuilt,
dreams drift and end up unreachable,
thoughts wander and end up lost,
people leave and you end up alone,
life goes on and you end up focusing on hating all the bad things rather than loving the good things,
lights turn off and you end up in darkness,
time stops and you end up stuck,
the sun rises just to end up setting,
and we carry on everyday trying to do good but we all end up dying in the end,
the world keeps on spinning and the human rce lives on just to end up killing our planet and with it everything we have worked for... So, is it all worth it?

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