Run, Soar, Love and Live

August 30, 2009

Today unlatched are all your gates
Congratulations 2009 graduates
Now you’ll pursue all of your dreams
To shine like stars with brilliant beams

So soar up and above each and every cloud
With knowledge you’re making people proud
For once it’s you behind the wheel
Your new independence let no one steal

Don’t lose your integrity, don’t be shameless
But reach for the stars and you’ll be famous
Sure, pressure will come, but you won’t crack
Through trials you’ll stay, not up and pack

You’re supported by an incredible team
They’ll polish your dream and make it gleam
Your pillars of strength will always be there
They’ll give you wings and be your air

So pick a dream, choose a goal
And soon you’ll erect your own flagpole
You’ve so much potential, so much to give
So run, soar, love and live

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