The Night Called Out, Goodbye

August 30, 2009
By Heather Ochman BRONZE, University Park, Pennsylvania
Heather Ochman BRONZE, University Park, Pennsylvania
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Of leaden heart am I now,
Lost a love, and all my fault.
My words, yet I know not how
I, my love, allowed assault.

And I now mourning, yet he
Knows not, the Turmoil tearing
Through heart and soul of me,
Myself, and I. Upon the hearing

Of the dismissal of His
Affections, he fell, lost, dumb,
A wounded creature, he says,
“I loved thee,” His Eyes are numb.

They, frozen spindles in Time,
Share the hurt my heart avoids
To show, for it veils the Crime:
I love him still, you see, and
I’ve but left two hearts Destroyed.

The author's comments:
It is a difficult thing to find someone to love. It is even more difficult when you've found someone you love, and for whatever reason must give them up. I said goodbye, but never really meant it, so this is for the one I love, that he might know I still love him after all.

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