Creed Of The Modem Generation MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   eyes glazed reflecting the glares

the world stares blankly at the flashing screen

image means more, substance less

comfort island in a sea of distress

hearts connect at 28.8 kbps

and nothing is what it seems

teenage hormones rage

while profiles are staged

the married are single

the old young once more

the moment passes

as the oblivious masses

hit superstardom

in the message board kingdom

dependency modem

opens the door

two lonely kids swoon

in a private chat room

falling into the cyber high

ignoring the hypin'



hearing a collective sigh

of a wired generation

suffering virtual extinction

never making the distinction

of the life reality, the actuality

and the online life


reach out, break out

of the emotional blackout

reality disillusions

as the revolution of dilution is here

isolation, desolation


our generation

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