I want to live in your dream.

August 31, 2009
By MikaMarie SILVER, Montague, New Jersey
MikaMarie SILVER, Montague, New Jersey
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one day the world will accept thing will always be the same, in that moment, everything will change.

I left it to you-
The thought of us, take it to mind.
You couldn’t accept my apology, but neither could I.
I don’t feel like I used to feel anymore,
It’s so much stronger.
I fear that my eternal love for you,
Will last that much longer.

So I tried to get you out of my words,
Off of my mind, and into your heart,
Into your eyes, but they seemed to follow me.
Alone, without the thought of you will never be.

If you just knew the amount of effort it takes to hold back.
Knowing you don’t wish to speak to me turned my heart black.
I wish I could let it out, and cry all the time.
But I’m smart enough to know not to let you hurt my pride.

But you said just a few words, I let them surround me.
Eventually I couldn’t breathe and they drowned me,

I wish I was in your world,
Like I once was, but that’s only a dream.
Take me to your world,
Your careless world. So I too can live in that dream.

I wish I wasn’t so deep and sensitive when it comes to you.
I know I could treat you differently, but I never do.
For some reason everything about you was perfect to me.
You said that it wasn’t the worst of you, how much worse could you be?

I wish to let all the thoughts out of my mind, out of my soul,
Into your mind, into your heart.
So you can feel a minute of what I’m feeling.
The darkness that shades every day for me.

It’s a dream world; it’s your dream world.
You care nothing for me,
I wish I could feel the same about you,
I want to live in your dream.

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