First Day

August 26, 2009
By Anonymous

The first day of school
A whole new place
Knowing no one
Just acting like empty space

Walking down the crowed hall
Staring at your shoes
Looking up and seeing faces
Staring back at you

Go to class, see all the faces
But all the teachers focus on you
Wish that they would just look away
And its all just because your new
And don’t have a clue about what to do

Hearing books slam on tables
Listening to the others talk
Not knowing what to say
They stare at you for answers
But you end up just quickly walking away

Finally its lunch
The lines for food are full
Yet it looks inedible, and it all smells terrible
You pull out your small brown bag
Sit at an empty table, as people just walk by
The bread feels wet, the apple is too sour
What could go wrong now, you think its the end
But no

People are walking over
Coming to sit in you safe zone
They all sit around you
Looking at you weird, but only if you had known
This is the popular table
You stagger up and walk away

It seems like an eternity
But finally the bell goes off
You get your bag, and run for the bus
It’s over, it’s the end of the first day
Hopefully tomorrow will be better
But oh no, its going to be the second day

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