Who Will Ever Love This Boy?

August 25, 2009
By Anonymous

they’re all alone
in the basement of his house
and he smiles at her
in a way no one ever has
she looks at him
and she can’t help but smile back
him with his messy hair
and his big eyes looking at her
from behind his glasses
him with his converses
and his old faded jeans
and then there’s her
her with her long brown hair
clompy high heels
blue fingernail polish
her with her small brown eyes
looking back at him
and they’re all alone together
in the basement of his house
but when he picks up his guitar
when he sings to her
when he tells her
those three small words
with all the big meaning
she still has to hesitate
contemplating yes or no
she loves him, but she can see
it will never be
him and her
it will never be more
than the best friends they are now
and so she goes from him
leaving it at that
but when she saw
his sister last night
and she looks at her
as if to say,
“you would have been
good for him”
would she have been?
her, the “pretty” girl
who smiles too much
who wears sparkles and glitter
who they say is “ditzy”
and always says stupid things?
her, good for him?
him, the “geeky” boy
who talks too fast, too much
who loves star wars
who they say is “awkward”
and always says the wrong things?
would she have been?
he says to her,
“let me tell you a little story,
let me tell you about this boy,
about this boy who loved this girl,
but the girl didn’t love the boy.
i know it’s always the same old story
but what’s this boy to do?
they all love this girl,
but who will ever
love this boy?”
it’s the same old story
boy loves girl
but girl doesn’t love boy
it’s cliché, I know
but isn’t it always true?
“that’s not the story”
she says,
“it’s not like that”
she tells him,
“it’s not like that at all”
and he says to her,
“then what is it like?”

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