Could you handle her truth?

August 25, 2009
By Keigs2010 BRONZE, Capebreton, Other
Keigs2010 BRONZE, Capebreton, Other
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You look into her eyes,
You see happiness, joy, fun
She leads an almost perfect life
She’s the life of the party at night
And rumor around school by day .

You see her in the hallway

Always laughing and joking

She’s not the most popular but she makes you laugh

You stay around and are her friend

Because you know people will take advantage

Of a girl
Like her.
She’s open and honest
thinks they know her
She’s not angry
She’s not hateful
She would never fight a soul

You see her outside of school

Always with her friends

Getting ready for a party or hanging at the beach

Have you ever wondered why she gets so violent when she drinks?

When she finally releases the anger
Who’s going to know what to do?
What will trigger her to show the worst that she can do.
How will you react to this?
Where will her best friends be?
What would you say if the worst,
was actually her best.

Look into her eyes….

You’ll see that she’s about to burst

The author's comments:
Okay, its not hard to tell that im in Highschool and that life is pretty dramatic that i have a fake face on. While writting this it wasnt just me though that i wasnt thinking of which is why i dont use me as a type of wordiing for ( I ) . And times Peer Presure or Home life can build an build and ther comes this one day someone says the wrong thing or a girl or guy they cant stand for the life of them is going to do something and she looses it. . . . I know this happens.. I;ve been here .. done this. .and i know im not alone.

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