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Hello Moon

August 24, 2009
By Ashley Coulter SILVER, Mount Washington, Kentucky
Ashley Coulter SILVER, Mount Washington, Kentucky
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Dwelling beneath the lighted sign of the coffee shop
People, monsters actually, passed but they never stop
Heavy things on wheels honked, with children sat atop
As they bounced and bopped – to the tune

They all must have turned a blind eye to the beauty ahead
Daytime closed its tired eyes, but nighttime isn’t dead
He heard the hollering, the screaming, the things said
As I longed for bed – to get there soon

Faster and faster, I had to escape such life gone mad
I needed to get to Him before such face could look so sad
How dare everyone enjoy what a muddled night they’d had
As they didn’t miss me, I add – to leave a place strewn

Entered into the quiet, I melted from the awe of his face
There he sat atop silver lining of tree top lace
I tell you that I’ve never seen such splendor in one place
As I welcomed the grace – and said “Hello Moon”

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