Living in Boxes

August 25, 2009
By KityKatt BRONZE, Wayne, Pennsylvania
KityKatt BRONZE, Wayne, Pennsylvania
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The world is trapped in a box.

People all hide in boxes.

Some boxes are big.
Some are small.

But they’re all boxes.

People hide from the world.

Hide from the hurt the world brings.
And the guilt they feel by ignoring it.

Their boxes are safe-havens from the pain.

People are guiltless in their boxes.

A person can hide in their box,
And never know the pain of the world.

Boxes are made of wood,
Or plaster,
Or stone.

Some boxes are even made of mud,
Or metal.

The boxes can be carpeted,
Or furnished.

They can be painted,
Or polished.

A box can hold one person,
Or a whole family.

But it’s still a box.

It doesn’t take a box to make a home.

But some people think so.

Why does humanity live in boxes?

What’s wrong with the world outside?

You can’t hide in the world.

You can hide in a box.

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