Closet door

August 26, 2009
By "Hope" BRONZE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
"Hope" BRONZE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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Do you know that little bit of hope laying behind your closet door you never know its there till you take a peek inside. You wonder what its for and you quietly close the door hoping it will be there for when you need it more.
Now you know at the bottom of your core thats what youve been secretly looking for.
Down inside you relize more of what you find was never lost just left there to be forgotten.
Bur now you know how to go about and find hopw lying behind your CLOSET DOOR.

The author's comments:
This poem is about findind the hope that was never lost but mearly forgotton many people lose hope and find it in diffrent was but i found mine behind my closet.
So when you lose yours go try and find it.

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